Laser Glass Processing Machine

Laser Glass Processing Machine

  • Drillable hole size 50 µm to 50 mm
  • Substrate thickness from 50 µm to 8 mm
  • Drilling speed up to 30 mm/s (0.5 mm glass)
  • Scribing/marking speed up to 2000 mm/s
  • Tolerance: < 50 µm
  • Standalone and in-line system
  • Customized laser solution available for various applications

  • Laser glass cutting, drilling and marking (soda lime, borosilicate, fused silica, and more)

  • Laser thin film patterning (TCO, metal, and more) 

Mechanical Characteristics


Solid granite material for base

Class 1 laser safety enclosure

System control

CNC control

Laser sources

515/1030 nm, nano/picosecond lasers

Beam delivery
Scanning laser beam
Working area

X-axis 250 mm, linear motor

Y-axis 250 mm, linear motor

Z-axis 100 mm, ball screw

Vision system

Integrated in standard configuration

(For special requirement, please contact AdValue Photonics for options.)

General Characteristics

Operating Temperature

10 to +30 °C

Storage temperature

+5 to +70 °C


Water cooled (portable chiller available as an option)

Power requirement

110-240 V, up to 4.5 kW

Exhaust system

Industrial dust extracting and filtering


Electrical power, compressed air, cooling water

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