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AdValue Photonics

AdValue Photonics is a leading manufacturer of innovative fiber lasers for materials processing, scientific, LIDAR, and medical markets. Founded in 2007, the company has a reputation for delivering groundbreaking products based on its proprietary fiber laser technology. We develop and manufacture products by focusing on innovation, high quality, and cost-effectiveness. Fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers, broadband fiber sources, and fiber-based components are the main lines of the products we offer to the market.

At the heart of the company’s innovative technology is our custom glass and fiber design and production capability. We tailor the glass composition, doping concentration, and fiber geometry to optimize the performance and reliability of our lasers. With our development and manufacturing teams co-located in Tucson, Arizona, we are able to quickly customize our laser solutions to suit customers’ specific requirements.

Our mission is to provide the most innovative and reliable laser products to our customers that “Add Value” to their businesses and markets.

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