QS Module Control Unit

QS Module Control Unit (AP-CU-QS1)

  • Provides power & control for the AP-QS1-Mod
  • Input power: AC 100~240 V (50/60Hz)
  • Laser modulation using BNC connector (TTL)
  • Intuitive analog power control


File name : AP-CU-QS1_16.1.pdf



General Characteristics

Power Supply Requirement
AC 100~240 V (50/60Hz)
Laser Output Power Adjustment
10-100% max. power adjustment using a manual knob on the front panel
Laser Power Setting Reference
Power setting reference by voltage reading across two terminals on the back panel.
Laser Output Power ON/OFF and Modulation Control
User to provide 5V TTL signal through a BNC connector on the back panel for laser ON/OFF and output power modulation. 5V TTL signal rise edge triggering ON and fall edge triggering OFF, max. modulation frequency 500 Hz.

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