2 Micron Tm Fiber Amplifier (AP-AMP1)

2 Micron Tm Fiber Amplifier (AP-AMP1)

  • Wide wavelength range
  • Adjustable power level
  • Near diffraction limited beam quality
  • Turn-key system with no maintenance

  • Lidar
  • Gas sensing

  • Mid-IR generation

  • Spectroscopy

  • Test and measurement

  • Research & development

2 Micron Tm Fiber Amplifier (AP-AMP1)

File name : AP-AMP1_16.1.pdf



Optical Characteristics

Gain Wavelength

1900-2100 nm options

Output Power

5 W (higher or lower power available)

Power Adjustment

10-100% max.

Output Power Stability

±5% (8 hours at 25 °C)

Beam quality, M2

< 1.1

Output Polarization

Random (option: linear polarization)

Input/Output fiber

Input: SMF-28 single mode fiber, 3 mm jacket, 1 m length, FC/APC connector Output: Optical fiber or fiber collimator options

(For special requirement, please contact AdValue Photonics for options.)

General Characteristics

Operating Temperature

+10 to +35 °C

Storage temperature

-10 to +70 °C


Forced Air

Power requirement

AC 100~240 V (50/60Hz)

Warm-up time

10 minutes

Package dimensions

448.6(W) x 433(D) x 132.5(H) mm

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