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Founded in 2007, with a reputation for delivering groundbreaking products, AdValue Photonics utilizes its expertise in specialty glasses and fibers to optimize the performance and reliability of its fiber lasers and associated products.

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2 Micron Mode-Locked Fiber Laser 
(AP-ML2) Ultrafast fiber laser with high pulse energy of 10 µJ and short pulse width down to 800 fs.
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Pulsed Single-Frequency Fiber Laser
(AP-P-SF) High pulse energy of 0.5 mJ in single longitudinal mode with wavelength option at 2 µm, 1.55 µm, and 1 µm.
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News & Events

Newsletter, May 2016
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CLEO 2016
June 5th – 10th, Booth 1425
San Jose, CA, USA
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BiOS 2016
February 13th – 14th, Booth 8728
San Francisco, CA, USA
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Photonics West 2016
February 16th – 18th, Booth 700
San Francisco, CA USA
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